Petal Saga

About the Game

Part of the Petal Saga Series, PETAL SAGA: Treasures of the Cactus King is a game that will bring players on a magical fantasy journey.

A group of friends from the Florian Village were captured by some Shrooms and brought back to their citadel, the SHROOMGARDE. Now these friends will have to try and get out of the castle. Will they be able to escape? And how far can you help them run away from the Shrooms?

Of Florians & Shrooms

A friendly race of many Florian Tribes, Florians have a deep connection to life and nature, and like to make sure that the world of elemental energy and way of life is balanced.

To Florians, many of them say that the Shrooms are not so friendly, gloomy in dressing, and looked really dark. The fact is that these Shrooms really lived in dark places, and they built a lot of tools and buildings with elemental energy. They are very industrious, and they have very little thought about how to preserve the enviroment.