About the Game

The Solarians, an alien race, have taken over Earth, ravaging our lands and enslaving our people. Mankind’s only hope for survival lies in the benevolent Leoguards dedicated to Inter-World Defense. Join these Guardians of the Galaxy in the Space Adventure of the year as you battle alienoid species, unearth exclusive treasures and make new cultural discoveries! All in a new world set against four different continents from the treacherous mountains of Chimera to the Fiery Lands of Qirin!

Will you be able to rescue Mankind from the vile clutches of the Solarians?


  • Power Up & Form New Teams

    • Over 100 Levels of character building, with unique class powers and stats
    • Create new teams from 4 military Wings – Chimera, Qirin, Sphinx and Merlion
    • Select leaders and sub units according to your choice


  • Unique Monsters in Areas of Conflict and Harmony

    • Battle different alien races and sub-species
    • Brave the climatic hazards of 4 main continents, each with dozens of sub regions and zones
    • Mix and match different units and stance in battles to combat monsters


  • Shop or Play with Friends

    • Shop for weapons and supplies at the Leoguards shop with galactic currency
    • Engage in gameplay with friends and go on Co-Op missions


  • Micro-transactions

    • Purchase in-game items like skill enhancements or decorative items using game credits or cash

Opening Video