About Lionstork Studios

Based in Asia Pacific, LIONSTORK STUDIOS is a rising interactive and games studio specialising in the creation of premium games and online solutions that captivate the hearts and minds of people around the world.

A gathering of like-minded intergalactic adventurers.

United by our love for gaming and all things interactive…

And a common goal of making new waves across the digital galaxies…

Helmed by industry veterans with vast experience in areas such as MMORPGs, Creative Design, Interactive Rich Media, Mobile Computing, Serious Gaming, Casual Gaming, Viral Marketing, User Analytics and Digital Marketing, the studio conceptualises, develops and delivers from start-to-end, innovative content and products.

Quality Skills & Craftsmanship

We are eager to use our skills and expertise to craft the highest quality games for the PC, mobile and other gaming platforms. After all, making the best games for the world to enjoy is our passion and we really enjoy the process.

Building a Fun World for Family, Friends, You and Me!

Our games are different in many ways. For one, instead of competing against other players, most of our games promote collaborative gameplay. With a collaborative game environment, players not only get to play in a cohesive environment with people online, it makes the game fun and friendly with family and friends too!


Meet the Team

K the Development Lion

K is one of the pioneers in game development in Singapore. Having participated in a secret training program where he was sent to KOEI Co Ltd, in Yokohama, Japan for 18 months, he helped put together a team of powerful samurais upon completion of his training in Japan. He assumed the role of the Server Development Team Lead and was instrumental in the release of Singapore’s first and foremost AAA MMORPG title, Romance of the Three Kingdoms Online.

C the Explorer Lion

C graduated with First Class Honours from the National University of Singapore, and was active in media-related research. He has worked as a Research Assistant specializing in media and question answering related research. With a strong passion for game development, he embarked on the secret training program with KOEI Co Ltd, in Yokohama and had the opportunity to learn the way of the samurai. As the Client Development Team Lead back in Singapore, C has worked closely with graphic artists, game designers and programmers in creating the best experience for players.

P the Realization Lion

P has been making games all his life and was bestowed the title Straits Times Developer of the year. After completing his training at Singapore Polytechnic, he was granted the honour to work in Neopets Inc, a Viacom Company. Like any normal & silly “zero” journey, there’s a mentor. With the guidance of his awesome guitarist mentor, he designed and developed many Neopets and Millsberry games. Years later, he met new friends from France at Boonty, where he not only learned new tricks in making games for multiplayer, but also that his name sounds like “yes” in French. As time passed, he gets to meet a handsome genius who looks like a Milan soccer player from Italy. Who could imagine that they made pink Winx games for little girls?

H the Creative Lion

H is one of the pioneers in Singapore who joined Neopets Inc, a Viacom Company. He has worked on many exciting games that have more than a million plays. Besides working on site contents, he has also worked closely with the marketing team on advertising campaigns to make banners, games and various artwork for clients on Neopets website. Apart from drawing contents like virtual items, characters, banners, he was also involved in the Neopets story plots which entail a massive amount of full-colour interactive comics as the world grew in locations and characters. One of the achievements is his involvement in many Neopets events worldwide.

N the Visionary Lion

N has been in flash development for many years. Been animating in Flash since the ancient times, he is well versed in animating and optimizing flash artwork, being able to find the right balance between minimum file size and best system performance. N constantly strives for quality and is versatile with various styles and genres. He is responsible for conceptualising and executing illustrations for all his works. In addition, he has loads of great experience doing layout and interface design. Planning and execution never posed a problem to N as he is able to clearly communicate the image and weave the messages that client wants into his works.

A the Mysterious Lion

There’s not much info about this mysterious lion except his ability to adapt in different kinds of art style. Because of this ability, nobody knows his origin and what’s his true power. One important thing is, A always tries to be on the middle side who strives for balance and harmony.

J the Secret Lioness

J graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Interactive Media Design and majored in 3D Animation Design. After graduation, J joined Neopets Inc, a Viacom Company, which has given her tons of useful experience in managing communities and players’ contents. Besides these experiences, she has also worked on the artwork for banners and e-greeting cards. As a Secret Lioness, J is rumored to be the grandmaster behind the storyline and storyboard conceptualization of many games.