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About Lionstork Studios

Based in Asia Pacific, LIONSTORK STUDIOS is a rising interactive and games studio specialising in the creation of premium games and online solutions that captivate the hearts and minds of people around the world.

A gathering of like-minded intergalactic adventurers.

United by our love for gaming and all things interactive…

And a common goal of making new waves across the digital galaxies…

Helmed by industry veterans with vast experience in areas such as MMORPGs, Creative Design, Interactive Rich Media, Mobile Computing, Serious Gaming, Casual Gaming, Viral Marketing, User Analytics and Digital Marketing, the studio conceptualises, develops and delivers from start-to-end, innovative content and products.

Quality Skills & Craftsmanship

We are eager to use our skills and expertise to craft the highest quality games for the PC, mobile and other gaming platforms. After all, making the best games for the world to enjoy is our passion and we really enjoy the process.

Building a Fun World for Family, Friends, You and Me!

Our games are different in many ways. For one, instead of competing against other players, most of our games promote collaborative gameplay. With a collaborative game environment, players not only get to play in a cohesive environment with people online, it makes the game fun and friendly with family and friends too!


What Do We Do?

Lost in the vast space of digital possibilities? Seek out the intergalactic guardians of LIONSTORK STUDIOS and new pathways to exciting solutions will be revealed…

… with access to the best of digital and gaming strategies, and consultancy services.

At LIONSTORK STUDIOS, our team specializes in making Casual, Social and Serious Games.


Casual Games for Everyone

We make games that are not just focused on the average casual gamer, but for EVERYONE!

From quick mini-games to action and RPG games, and either for socializing, making friends, competing, learning or just for plain relaxation on a lazy day with a cuppa…, our games are guaranteed to arouse your interest and stimulate your senses, and keep you entertained for days and nights.